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Clearly I am bad at keeping up with posts, and what's been going on in the company. Sorry...don't hold it against me. Things have just been crazy!

Ok, so since the last time I posted...quite a few things have happened. Fingers crossed that I get a contract with this new resort that is being built! I did some preliminary work for them, and they stated that they really liked the work I produced for them. So need to keep on that with them.

Also, I finally went to Orlando and completed a course in video editing, so that I can now start making my own videos. I used to subcontract it, but I would rather know how to do it myself and be able to put my own creativity in them. So I am now focusing on producing more videos, whether it be real estate jobs or building my own portfolio. And speaking of that, I need to get to work on this short video series that I want to do. But that's another blog.

Adobe Premiere Course (Level 1 - 4)

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"

Recent developments have presented me a really great opportunity of entering into a new field, and add a new dynamic to the business. And I'm going to try and take full advantage of that. I was heading in the direction of offering infrared services, as you saw in one of my previous posts...but I think this new direction is more viable right now. So hopefully soon I will be able to announce that we are going to offer this service.

Stay tuned!

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It's good to hear that you are working on securing a contract with a new resort and that they liked the preliminary work you did for them. If you shoot a video, I can give you a little advice reduce video. I advise you to use it.

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