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Air Safety in the Cayman Islands, is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI).

The rules and regulations of this authority, provide strict guidelines to Air Operators, in regards to the operation of drones/UAVs. These rules outlined, are to ensure safety to us as a company and also to the general public of the Cayman Islands.

At Cayman Drone Company, we adhere to these rules, and would therefore like to educate the general public and our potential customers of one of the major regulations that would affect any proposed aerial work, dependent on it's location.

Throughout the Cayman Islands, there are different Airspace Zones surrounding each airport. These zones cover particular areas, as illustrated, and require different levels of approval.

There is also a Restricted Fly Zone surrounding Her Majesty's Prison, located in Northward, Bodden Town. This Restricted Fly Zone covers an area of 1 Nautical mile radius around the prison, as illustrated.

Within these zones, any air operations have to be first approved by Air Traffic Control (ATC) at the corresponding airport, before any work can be started. This also includes on-going correspondence between the operator and ATC until the work is completed. This is to ensure that the aerial work being done can be integrated into the flight plan, to avoid there being any incidents with other aircraft in the area.

In addition to this, our professional grade drones, have globally integrated software that physically restricts flight within these zones. An application is also required to be submitted to obtain flight clearance from this 3rd party authority (DJI), prior to performing any aerial work.


As a result, any aerial work to be carried out in these zones will require a mandatory application for flight approval, and may incur a fee.


Cayman Islands Air Zoning Map 2.JPG
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